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Plans for the House (updated)

So… it seems I have some grandiose plans for the house.  Some of them are probably just pipe dreams but here’s an updated list of what I want to do with the place:

* Built in window seat/bookcase in my bedroom – then paint the bookcase I inherited with the house and relocate it to the laundry room or garage
* Add shelving above my bedroom door
* Add a banquet in the sunroom for more seating and storage.  Not sure where I’ll put Grandsam’s sofa and coffee table.  I don’t really want to part with those.  EDIT:  The sofa will definitely go in Allison’s old room and maybe the coffee table too.  I probably won’t do this until the banquet is built.
* Wall of frames in the living room – I have gotten it started but I will probably end up painting some of the frames so they’re all white.  Except for my pretty purple one of course. EDIT: I’ve got art and have figured out what I want it to look like, now I just have to hang them all!
* Paint the dresser I inherited from my brothers.  Something cool like the reverse stencil or painting it white with the detailing a different color and move it to the man-couch room
* Paint the dresser I inherited from Grandsam white and either decoupage the drawer faces with fun fabric, paint them fun colors, OR add new fun hardware EDIT: I don’t think I’ll do this after all
* Make a bean bag for the other corner of my room EDIT: Probably won’t do this either.
* Buy another nightstand to match mine (after the dressers have been painted and relocated)
* Add more artwork to my bedroom walls and make what I already have more balanced EDIT: Working on this one!
* Make the laundry room more unified/clean EDIT: I’ve more or less figured out what I want to do… see below!
* Remove & sell Elfa shelves and make floating shelves (or a more inconspicuous laundry shelf) EDIT: Forgot about this one, may still do it!
* Sell the man-couch and the futon – SOLD BOTH!
* Not sure what I want to do with the laundry room yet.  Originally it was going to be a guest room or office but now I think I’m going to make the 3rd bedroom that instead. EDIT: Not this, see below.
* Paint the middle bedroom 
* Get a new frame and mattress for my room and move my current one into the middle bedroom (along with the dresser and my old nightstand) EDIT: DONE!
* Add artwork EDIT: Working on it!
* Decoupage all the light fixture covers something fun
* Add beadboard somewhere.  Maybe the entryway? 
* Clean out the hall closets EDIT: DONE!
* Turn linen closet into “library” – love this idea, may or may not be practical
* Organize kitchen & pantries EDIT: DONE!
* Plant trees, herbs, and veggies in backyard EDIT: Planned, now just need to execute 
* Build new dining table and benches
* New fan in sun room
* Enlarge back patio
* Build roofing over it
* Remove corner planter on front porch, replace with swing
* Paint porch
* Level walkway up to the house, add stairs
* Remove bushes from front & trees from side and transplant them to act as privacy bushes on the side yards
* Add lamp in front yard
* Replace porch light
* Update mailbox/add numbers
* Remove mailbox by door
* Replace numbers
* Repaint house exterior

New stuffs:

* Wet bar in the sun room – cabinets, sink, wine cooler, etc.  On the wall where the “bar” currently is, then I would move that to be under the windows or on the opposite wall.
* Build a cover type thing for the washer dryer, as well as install cabinets on the wall and a small pull out shelf next to the W/D.  
* Get a freezer and put in the back room
* Get a cleaning cabinet to store all my cleaning supplies
* Make a “Ziva space” so ZtD can play and relax in there (safely) when she has to stay inside.
* Take the bifold doors off Ziva’s closet/pantry
* Clean up Z’s space to make it more cozy
* Take the paint off the concrete floors and redo them with either stained concrete or maybe at some point down the road, tile.