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Natural Healing

So about seven months ago I was introduced to doTerra essential oils.  Extremely hesitant at first, I signed up.  I didn’t expect things to really work.  Yet each month I paid the minimum amount for an order of oils.  And guess what?  I’ve not only begun to use them regularly, but I’m slowly phasing out my medicine cabinet of pills and other pharmaceuticals.  

I firmly believe in this and the benefits they can provide for my body.  I only have a bottle of Advil for the really bad headaches that are persistent little buggers.  I’ve almost bought all the oils, so now I can focus on just getting replacements.  

I didn’t believe at first how oils could help.  I’d read about it and did think that there were remedies out there that didn’t involve drugs, but I didn’t REALLY think about how they’d work.  Or that the really would work.  So I was pretty shocked when my headaches would disappear in nearly 10-15 minutes after applying peppermint oil.  Or how my nose would dry up almost instantly using Breathe or eucalyptus.  Or how my throat would almost immediately stop hurting using OnGuard, or how using it in various ways would quickly clear up any impending cold.  Or that lavender would stop my insane mosquito bites from itching.  Or that cypress oil would help with my circulation in my feet.

I’m a total convert.  I’m even being nutty enough, or “granola” as Aly would say, to start making my own cleansing products.  Bath, kitchen, laundry… you name it.  If I can replace it with natural remedies instead of the chemical laden products I currently have under my sink, than I want to do it.

It’s not something I thought about a whole lot growing up, or even much until recently, and really, not until I started reading the Young House Love blog regularly.  There are so many chemicals in every day products, many of which are dangerous to our health.  I just wonder how much better I would feel if I could eliminate that from my life, or at least from my house – whatever I can have control over.  I’ve started with just the oils and I can already tell a difference.  I haven’t been sick in months, aside from a brief stint in October.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this can continue to transform my life!