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“Systems” for 2014

I’m going to try out this blogging thing again, see if I can stick with it.  I will probably be cross posting between here and my LJ (http://spiderwebsitar.livejournal.com) just so I can keep up both.

So this year I have some lofty goals for myself. I think I can reach them. I wanted them to be a challenge, but still attainable. I took a page from Maryclaire and posted a screenshot of my goals on Facebook. I’m hoping it will hold me accountable.

1. Pay off my car by Dec 31st, 2014 – this is a $9,454 goal. If I’m extremely careful about how much I spend, spend my money wisely, and try to put away $10 a day to savings, I think I can do this.
2. Save $5,000 to go toward a piano – I didn’t save $5,000 in less than a month, but that sure would have been nice! The aformentioned Maryclaire was trying to get rid of a piano at her studio and I was the first to comment to say I wanted it. For FREE. It’s an old former player piano that, if it hadn’t been messed with in the 60s, could be worth 16,000! Damn hippies. It’s in pretty good condition, made in 1918 (almost 100 years old!), a Modello Baldwin, and the tuning strings are made of steel instead of copper because of WWI. It’s pretty neat to have something so historical, even if it is not worth much in terms of money. It sounds pretty good. And hey… it was FREE! Now I can put the $5,000 savings toward something else!
3. Find ways to be creative – build, paint, organize, plant, etc. – This year I really do want to plant a garden and some fruit trees. I want to build a new dining table and a loooooooong bench in the sunroom for storage and additional seating. I want to be more crafty, either with cards, art, or just finally knocking out things I’ve pinned on pinterest. 
4. Keep the house clean – I’ve been doing a pretty good job with this so far. As soon as the futon gets picked up, I’m going to clean out the back room and make it more functional. I went through a MASSIVE cleaning spree and cleaned out ALL the closets in the house. I donated about 6 bags full of clothes, am trying to sell/get rid of a bunch of things, and organized all the closets and the kitchen cabinets. Well, almost all of them. I’ve also decided to “try” to not have my housekeeper come for awhile and see how well I do just keeping the house up by myself.
5. Take more pictures – I used to take pictures ALL the time. I really want to document my life more.
6. Eat more healthy foods – I’m hoping just buying food for myself will help me make healthier eating choices. And if I buy healthy food I’m more likely to try to eat it all instead of letting it go to waste.
7. Take better care of myself – emotionally, physically, etc. I’ve realized I’m down on myself a lot more often than I appreciate myself. Focus on the positive. Keep active. Be healthy.
8. Focus on the positive and eliminate negativity – there are people and things in my life that are just not kind or positive. Always negative, always complaining, always derogatory, etc. I need to clean that from my life. I want to feel lighter in spirit and not be dragged down by negativity. After awhile that sort of behavior can eat at you and make you feel like you are unworthy or undeserving.
9. Put my phone away in social settings – it has been a peeve of mine for YEARS that people are always on their phones/ipads/devices rather than being the people who are right there. Someone shared a photo of a basket of phones with a note saying “be with the people who are here!” And I wish more people felt that way. I’m tired of people who can’t put their phones away for a car ride and/or a 45 minute lunch. It makes me feel like my company is not important enough. So why would I want to do that and possibly make other people feel that way? So, my phone will stay in my purse. Exceptions: taking or showing pictures, or if it lends itself to the conversation: “did you see what X posted? Let me look it up so I don’t mess it up.” or “What was that person’s name in that movie?”
10. Hang out with my friends in person (instead of text messaging) and write letters via snail mail (instead of emails or texts)
11. Be a better champion & supporter of my friends and family – text/email/write on facebook when friends have shows opening. Congratulate them publicly on new job offers, career changes, graduation, etc.

I’m also including a link my friend Rainya left on my Facebook post. I really like the message of this, and it really does speak to my goals as life-long commitments versus meet it and then forget it. (With the exception of the two money goals, which I plan to continue in some capacity each year.)http://jamesclear.com/goals-systems