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Post #2

I’m getting the hang of this, I think… I want to put my header from LJ as my header here, but LJ won’t let me save it.  And I can’t get the original because its on my old harddrive which crashed and hasn’t been recovered yet.  So, I’ll have to deal with the underground tunnel picture for now.  Oh well.

So right now I’m in day 2 of orientation.  It isn’t too bad, except I have to be at work about an hour earlier than usual.  Normally this wouldn’t be so bad, but I can’t go to bed early because rehearsal is getting out late.  I’m just thankful that I didn’t schedule orientation for next week.  I had orientation the week of Thorougly Modern Millie tech week, and that was incredibly difficult.  I’m still exhausted, but I’m blaming it on Daylight Saving and my decision to go out for pancakes after rehearsal on Monday.  Truth be told, I’m very happy I went out that night!  I love my cast and crew and love bonding with them.  Perhaps we’ll do it again soon.

Sunday is our 10/12.  And even though most people complain about it, I really don’t mind it.  In fact, call me crazy, but I actually enjoy 10/12, even as a stage manager.

I can’t believe we open in 10 days.  It seems surreal.  This rehearsal period has been very wacky, especially compared to Christmas Carol, where we rehearsed nearly every day.  For Pajama Game not everyone was called every day.  I can’t say enough how much I love this cast and how I’m so happy to be part of it.