Monthly Archives: August 2014

One week later

It’s been a week and I’ve now had the chance to try all the recipes I’ve made. I picked some good ones this time!

I find cream of chicken soup to be a bit creepy. Those chunks of chicken that will stay good for a long time without needing to be frozen? *shudder* I can’t handle that. So I found a recipe for cream soup (no chicken):

* – super easy and was a perfect replacement for the recipe that called for cream of chicken

I make nachos and an enchilada recipe using Chuy’s jalepeno ranch sauce each month – they’re both easy and some of my favorites.

* – these are delicious! Next time I’ll use a fork to pinch the seams closed, and I probably won’t add the sauce. It’s good, but I personally feel they stand alone without it. Oh, I also didn’t use the Ritz crackers because I didn’t want to buy a whole package just for “garnish.” This will definitely be kept in my recipe rotation.
* – also very good! I made white rice to go with it. I also add a little butter when I reheat it. I’ll probably season it a little bit more but otherwise it’s really good and reheats well.
* – these are really good! I’ll probably make more chicken and alfredo sauce next time. And I probably boiled the noodles a bit too long (since I have to bake it and then reheat it). I added some ricotta to the noodles before adding the chicken/alfredo. I’ll probably add more because I wasn’t sure how much of the container I’d use, but there’s plenty left over so I’m okay adding more.
* – These were super easy to make, and based on comments I added a second egg. I probably should have used a little more breadcrumbs half way through because they got super sticky and didn’t hold together so well. Otherwise they fried well, and I tasted one and it was really good. They don’t reheat well in the microwave so I will try reheating in the skillet next time.
* – these are delicious! I also went light on the seasoning so I’d do a little more next time.

I have 2 balls of dough for pizza from last month. When I tried it last month, it was VERY good, but I definitely need to invest in a pizza peel. I have zucchini and potatoes to make fresh, and those round out my month of meals.