Cooking for a month round 3

I’m finally starting to get the hang of this. The only thing that kind of sucks and makes it difficult is when I want to make several things that require a crockpot. This time around I was a bit lucky because last month I had made enough breakfasts to last two months, so I didn’t need to make any breakfasts this time.

On my menu this time:
* Enchiladas with Chuy’s ranch sauce (8-10)
* Falafel (5)
* Nachos (4)
* Burgers (4)
* Potato burgers (sliced potatoes topped with beef, beans, and cheese, then baked) (4)
* Zucchini boats (1)
* Lasagna roll ups (9)
* Chicken bacon pockets (with homemade cream soup since cream of chicken soup creeps me out) (8)
* Chicken salsa verde over rice (8)
* Cheesy chicken & rice (6)
* Pizza from last month (4)
Total: 61 meals

I started with putting the chicken for the enchiladas in the crock pot. They were going to cook for 3 hours on high. While those were cooking, I cooked up 2 pounds of ground beef. I put half aside for nachos and divided up the other half for the potatoes and zucchini boats. When I’m ready to make those two I’ll cook the potatoes and zucchini. I’ve found those taste better fresh.

When the beef was finished I cooked the burgers. Once those were done, I made the alfredo sauce and cooked the lasagna noodles. The two finished about the same time, so I immediately put the lasagna rolls together.

While the rolls were cooking, I made the Chuy’s sauce. The rolls were done cooking at about the same time as the chicken. I put the chicken in the sauce and put the crockpot barrel in the sink so it would cool down. I put the enchiladas together and put them in the oven. While those were cooking I cleaned up.

Then I got the second crock pot meal going – just chicken, spices, and a jar of salsa verde. That would cook for 4 hours on high. While that was cooking I made the pockets, which use Grands biscuits. I also put together the homemade cream soup before putting the biscuits in the oven. While they were cooking I finished the soup and divided into an ice cube tray. Since the soup/cream mixture is supposed to go on fresh, I’m planning to just thaw out 2 cubes and reheat with the pockets.

THEN once those were done, I MADE FALAFEL. It was really easy, but I probably needed to use more breadcrumbs because the last half fell apart while frying. Otherwise it was super easy.

Once those were done I cleaned everything up. I was too tired (and my feet hurt) to do anything else. I’d been on my feet since 9am (and finished around 630) AND the only thing I’d eaten all day was a handful of Cheezits. So I had a pocket and it was super yummy! Now I’m just waiting for the crockpot to finish. When it’s about 30 minutes until done I’ll make the rice so it’ll be done at about the same time as the chicken. Then I just have to divide it up and freeze it (after it cools down).

So tomorrow, I just have to make the last crockpot dish (although I MIGHT make it tonight since it’s a dump and wait thing), the ice cream, granola bars, and MAYBE naan.

I feel pretty accomplished and that I might be getting the hang of this cooking for a month thing. At least I’m figuring out what works best.

I also have lots of fruit and salad to supplement the meals, plus cookies or granola bars as something sweet.


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