Meal planning

I’m on the end of my month of meal planning.  I didn’t do so bad, actually.  I’ve eaten almost everything I bought or put together, but there was some that went to waste.  I’m really trying to hold myself accountable for eating healthy and aside from a few slip ups, I did a pretty good job.  I’m going shopping this Saturday for the next 3 weeks (since I’ll be on vacation the last week) and I really am going to try to stick to my plan.  With my new freezer and much more space to store frozen meals, I hope it will be easier this month.  Nothing is perfect right out of the gate, right?

To (hopefully) ensure I will stick to my meals, I’m going to try and chronicle them here.  So my meals for the next 3 weeks will be:

I’m actually making TWO MONTHS worth of breakfasts!  This will make it easier for the next month – I won’t be spending quite as much.
* 12 “pastry” cups – using Pillsbury crescent rolls, cream cheese, and raspberry pie filling
* 12 bacon & egg cups
* 12 sausage casserole cups
* 12 breakfast tacos
* 12 blueberry muffins (already made these)

*** Homemade rolls
*** Homemade pizza dough
* 4 servings of nachos (ground beef, beans, cheese, avocado, and tomato), fruit
* 4 servings of chicken enchiladas & salad
* 4 wraps (using the remaining tortillas from the enchiladas – 2 wraps = 4 meals) & fruit
* 2 chicken sandwiches with bacon & guac, fruit and/or corn on the cob
* 4 burgers (4 oz beef, cheese, pickles, on a homemade dinner roll OR in a lettuce wrap), salad, fruit
* 2 chicken with avocado, tomato, and mozzarella & salad
* 8 quesadillas (using remaining tortillas from the breakfast tacos) – chicken, beans, cheese, fruit
* 4 pesto chicken pasta (homemade pesto and light alfredo sauce, chicken), salad
* 8 personal pizzas (using homemade dough) – pepperoni, chicken pesto, ricotta, cheese & tomato, BLT, etc
* 6 sandwiches – grilled cheese, pb&j, cheese & turkey, peanut butter, banana, & honey
Breakfast for dinner (or lunch):
* 4 waffles/pancakes with choice of eggs, bacon, or potatoes, and fruit

* Fruit (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, kiwi, peaches, oranges)
* Salad (likely just lettuce, feta, & dressing, although I might try a copycat Melting Pot a time or two!)
* Corn, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, cucumber, celery

I am planning on making two sweets each month. 
* Ice cream – likely cake batter oreo (or maybe s’mores)
* Cookies – using Biscoff cookie butter

* Chocolate peanut butter granola bars – I made these already – just a little something if I want something sweet and somewhat healthy, probably good before or after a workout

The reason why I’m doing this is because I am kind of wasteful.  I don’t always eat everything in my fridge (or freezer) before it goes bad.  Not only do I waste food, but I waste money.  I’m hoping being very careful about what I buy and planning in advance will not only encourage me to eat everything I have, but also make healthier choices. Clearly, I have a ways to go as you can tell by some of my meal choices.  I’m even planning on breaking down the costs of each meal and see how much I can stretch a dollar.  My goal is to not eat out as much and start cooking more.  I’m hoping as I do this, I will branch out a little.  


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